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Brows On Fleek? Still an uninterrupted trend! No matter whether bushy and natural or “Instagram-Brows” – the eyebrows are always perfected. Besides the all-time favourite eyebrow pencil, the focus is now also on eyebrow powders, either with a glow finish or natural and matte. The make-up trend Chroming: metallic finishes and chrome effects extravagantly emphasize the eyes and are dominating the eye make-up styles. Powder textures in an eye shadow palette or liquid eye shadows are used to create expressive looks. Always up to date: waterproof formulas, whether for mascara with the Glam & Doll False Lashes Mascara Waterproof or eyeliner with the Glam & Doll Super Black Liner Waterproof.

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the i love extreme mascara’s "crazy" sister – for even more volume!

the i love extreme mascara’s "crazy" sister – for even more volume! the deep-black, creamy texture covers each individual lash with color and the extra-large plastic brush provides sensational volume. the mascara container is designed in the usual i love-colors, except they’re the other way around – in a cool pink with black lettering. opthalmologically tested.

The palette "with a personality" offers the option of telling stories with your eye make-up looks. Whether you're looking for a variety of nude shades or soft to intense rosé shades – the palette offers nine highly pigmented, long-lasting eyeshadows with matte and metallic effects.

20 Lovely In Rose

Impressive, sweeping lashes are guaranteed with the lashes to impress! the false lashes are applied to the outer edge of your lashes to emphasize and add density to your own lashes. includes lash glue.

Eyebrow pencil.

This eyebrow pencil completes the perfect eye make-up. It is very long-lasting and smudge-proof. The pencil is available in different natural shades and is made of a particularly pleasant texture - not too hard, not too soft. Fragrance-free.

Thanks to its firm tip, the deep-black eyeliner is easy to apply accurately and creates a perfect curved line on the lids. A must-have for both smokey eyes and a natural eye make-up style. Also suitable for eye art.  

  • Four versions for exciting effects
  • Lash glue included
  • Curved, transparent lash band
  • Vegan

An exciting eye make-up style in no time! The NUDE edition eyeshadow palette is sure to make your eyes sparkle with its nine highly pigmented shades. From neutral and soft tones to matte formulas and pearly effects – this palette offers everything needed to make your make-up heart beat a little faster.

10 Pretty In Nude

  • Long-lasting mascara in “iconic-red” design
  • For maximum volume, visual length and swing
  • Two-brush combination: For fullness and separation of your lashes
  • No perfumes
  • Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers
  • Skin compatibility dermatologically tested
  • Clinically tested (only valid for colour 01)
  • Carnauba wax provides a nourishing property and creates shiny lashes
  • False lashes
  • Criss-cross design
  • Instant volume
  • Vegan

Insta Ready: False lashes with a criss-cross design for instant volume and a dramatic look – even without a filter. 

This mascara can handle anything: the waterproof formula is available in two versions. One version guarantees volume and a glamorous curl, while the other ensures breathtaking length and definition all day long.

  • For perfect eye make-up
  • Three different lengths
  • With an integrated mini lash-glue


False lashes are part of every perfect eye make-up style this season. The lash are positioned in between your own natural lashes. Thanks to the three different lengths, you can create a totally individual lash look. With an integrated mini glue.

Available in different styles.

During the course of the day, your eye make-up suddenly resembles the look of a sweet panda? That won't happen with this mascara. The oil-free and vegan formula of the bye bye panda eyes! mascara not only coats the lashes in black, but also wraps itself around the fine hairs like a soft film. It lasts all day and can even withstand sweat and tears. And the best thing is: it doesn't clump or crumble and can easily be removed with warm water.

01 Black

  • Ultra-slim Eye Brow Pencil with an accurate mine
  • Waterproof and longlasting texture
  • Ideal for creating natural, hair-like lines
  • Vegan
  • Keeps false lashes in place for hours
  • Slanted applicator
  • Accurate application
  • Vegan
  • Hourglass-shaped fibre brush
  • Instant length and volume
  • Deep-black texture

Thanks to the oversize brush – XXL lashes: The VOLUME SENSATION MASCARA in limited cross the lines look gives your lashes more volume and extra length. The extra soft volume brush reaches each individual lash and lengthens it effectively. Thanks to the closely positioned bristles, your lashes become extra voluminous without clumping together. Thanks to the pure pigments, your lashes appear in intense black. Gives volume and length Soft XXL brush Build-up effect by reapplying the mascara.

Art. No.2074.1P2

  • From lengthening to volume
  • Mascara with twistable brush
    Step 1 (twisted-out): Lengthening and separation of the lashes
    Step 2 (twisted-in): Volume and curl for the lashes
  • You can combine different brush shapes
  • Balanced selection of waxes
  • “Build-up effect”
  • Long-lasting & Smudge-proof
  • No sticking together or clumping
  • Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers
  • Skin compatibility dermatologically confirmed
  • Clinically tested
  • Art. No.2025.1

False eyelashes or lash extensions? With the successor to the successful "I need a miracle! volumizing & strenghtening mascara", the costly application of false lashes or long procedures in the cosmetic studio are unnecessary! The "WHAT THE FAKE! Mascara" lives up to its name: the special nylon fibers provide the lashes with breathtaking length and volume. The almond-shaped, ergonomic brush reaches all lashes in just two strokes.

The new must-haves for your eye make-up! The twelve matt and metallic eye shadow shades are highly pigmented and long-lasting. You can apply the eye shadows individually or combine several shades - the mix of basic and trend colours invites you to try out new looks. The powdery textures feel wonderfully sensual and have a lovely vanilla fragrance.

  • Voluminous, long, curved and deep-black lashes
  • Perfect definition without clumping thanks to a creamy textrue and the Lash Millionizer brush
  • Waterproof and lasts up to 24h
  • Vegan

get your eyebrows into tip-top shape! with a practical brush on the cap for smooth and even eyebrows. 

  • Instant volume and definition
  • Ultra-precision elastomer brush
  • Semi-permanent tint effect
  • Vegan
  • Mascara for voluminous, long, curved and deep black lashes
  • Lasts up to 24 hours
  • Perfect definition without any clumping thanks to its creamy texture and Lash Millionizer brush

#lashesonfleek! Voluminous, long, curved and deep black eyelashes that look perfect 24 hours a day: This mascara makes beauty dreams come true! Thanks to the Lash Millionizer brush, the eyelashes are perfectly defined. Ideal for expressive eye make-up styles like Smokey Eyes.

Fill up… 3in1 – colour, density and shape! the tinted gel of the make me brow eyebrow gel mascara contains tiny fibers that fill in any unwanted gaps for beautifully defined and full eyebrows.