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Liquid textures are complementing the lipstick range with the Liquid Lipsticks. Thanks to their matt finish and feathery, light feel on the lips, trend looks par excellence are guaranteed. Whether totally matt or with powdery results, matt lipsticks continue to be an absolute must – especially in combination with a creamy texture. Bathed in intensive yet wearable shades, the focus is on the lips at the moment. Metallic lips as a perfect beauty statement: metallic lip effects are totally on trend, too! Liquid lip powders let the lips look like they have been immersed in metallic powder. With their metal matt effect, the highly pigmented colours create a unique look. A pampering effect with a volume guarantee? A lip balm with a cooling effect draws attention to the lips.

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the smooth, supple texture creates an extreme shine with a wet-look effect on the lips. from nude nuances to intensive colours to prism glow effects.

  • Volumeneffekt dank Menthol
  • Glättet feine Linien auf der Lippenhaut
  • Glänzendes Finish
  • Vegan

  • Intensifies the natural colour of the lips
  • Tints the lips with a subtle touch of pink
  • Pampering texture
  • Vegan
  • Lip balm with a volume effect
  • Subtly cooling texture
  • Pampers with shea butter
  • Vegan

Beautifying Balm. The Volumizing Lip Balm creates voluminous lips and has a lovely cooling effect. The slightly cooling texture gently tingles on the lips and pampers them with nourishing shea butter. The result: smooth, soft and full lips in a delicate rosé shade that suits all skin tones.

  • Ultimate matt effect on the lips
  • Creamy lipstick texture
  • Intensive coverage
  • Vegan

MATTastic! This lipstick with a completely matt finish guarantees a high colour-dispersion and intensive coverage. Pleasant to wear and 100% matt. With just one application, the creamy texture creates a perfect matt finish without drying out the lips. The appealing matt packaging looks extremely elegant, too.


the lipstick range unites high-coverage and colour-dispersion with just one application and a feathery, light feeling on the lips. the creamy texture is longlasting and won’t dry out the lips.

the highly pigmented, silky lipliner with velvety-matt results are ideal for contouring the lips.

The specifically developed formula of the Soft Lip Liner makes it extremely long-lasting. After drying, it is wiping-resistant and waterproof. So it prevents the lipstick from bleeding. The pleasantly creamy texture assures a simple and precise application. The Soft Lip Liner can be shaded out directly after application and is characterized by an especially good color coverage and high opacity. 

Contains natural antioxidants and vitamin E. Fragrance-free.

Perfect your lip makeup with the Mineral Lip Styler due to its innovative mechanic. A uniform and precise application of color is possible thanks to the precise tip. The lip line can be accurately emphasized with the mineral lip liner, which is also ideal for filling in the lips. The result: your lipstick lasts longer and your lips look fuller. The lips do not dry up. The specifically developed formula of the Mineral Lip Styler makes it smudge-proof and it is also suitable for sensitive lips. The Mineral Lip Styler has an integrated sharpener and the tip is completely retractable and thus it is perfect for traveling. It contains Hyaluronic acid that moisturizes, candelilla wax for a soft creamy texture and mica for a silky shimmer. Mineral-, paraben- and fragrance-free.

  • Creamy lip color
  • Dries quickly and extremely long-lasting
  • Perfectly opaque and absolutely matte finish
  • Smudge- and kiss-proof!
  • Brazilian nut oil nourishes your lips

Transparent lip gloss with volume effect.

The Hot Chili Lip Booster provides irresistible lips with maximum volume. Red Pepper extract makes them rosy and voluminous. Small glitter particles reflect the light and make the lips appear even more voluminous. The gloss supplies intensive shine and prevents the lips from adhering or dehydrating.

Tender gloss for naturally glossy lips - 6 ml.

Volume care miracle! The Glossy Lip Volumizer gives the lips seductive volume and at the same time keeps them wonderfully soft. The lip balm with a volume effect that can be appreciated visually nourishes the lips with a rich blend of hyaluronic acid and wild mango butter. Thanks to the special composition of the texture you can apply the Glossy Lip Volumizer even more strongly and achieve more volume and gloss. The light creamy texture with a subtle touch of pink does not stick and adheres incredibly softly to the lips. The lips stay smooth and are not sticky. The Lip Volumizer seduces with the scent of fresh mint and vanilla. 

The Glossy Lip Volumizer is gluten-free.

Transparent lip gloss - 5 ml.

It supplies the lips with a brilliant shine, while the intensive "wet look" effect accentuates the lips marvelously. Glossy Lip Finish protects the lips against dehydration, can be used separately or on top of a lipstick and applied easily with the applicator.

Long-lasting lip gloss - 5 ml.

The Lip Brilliance Lip Gloss gently, lightly and smoothly covers the lips in long lasting brilliant shine. An active ingredient complex made of encapsulated collagen and hyaluronic acid supports the firmness and tightness of the lips skin and boosts the collagen synthesis. SPF 6 counteracts light induces skin aging. The lips appear more voluminous and shine seductively.

Lip gloss with boosting effect - 6 ml.

This Lip Gloss provides full, sensual lips with a trace of color and wonderful shine. Marine Fillings Spheres® evens out wrinkles and lines. Blue Seakale und Collageneer® support the regeneration and improve the skins elasticity. The Hydra Lip Booster has an excellent wearing comfort and visible care for the lips.

Colored lip gloss with reflective glitter particles - 5 ml.

The tiny glitter particles inside the Glamour Gloss reflect the light intensely, give a magnificent shimmer to the lips and let them appear fuller. The practical applicator enables even color coverage.

Precise lipstick with triangular tip.

Size: 2.90GR

Art. No. 136

  • Innovative triangular shape for precise application
  • Handy stylo shape
  • Semi-matt, satin finish
  • Long durability
  • Rotatable lead
  • Combinable with Magic Fix for better durability
  • With Vitamin E
  • Perfum-free. Free of parabens and talc.

Are you ready for a make-up innovation? The Full Precision Lipstick has a completely new triangular shape and allows an absolutely precise application. The exact tip and the straight edges of the Lip Stylo make it easy to apply a precise make-up even on the smallest parts of the lips such as the corners of the mouth. The texture feels as velvety as a balm. The handy stylo shape allows a comfortable and effortless application.

  • Rich lip balm
  • Shea butter
  • Subtle citrus fragrance

Healthy is the new pretty. The rich Lip Balm with a creamy texture and subtle citrus fragrance can be used as day or night care. Rich shea butter pampers dry lips and provides intensive moisture. Simply take a small amount out of the glass tub and dab onto the lips with a finger – and you’re done!


010 One Shade Fits All

  • Black texture
  • Intensifies the colour
  • Tints the lips in a unique pink shade
  • Vegan

Galaxy Look. The black texture of the Ultimate Dark Lip Glow is not only an optical highlight, it intensifies the natural colour of the lips, reacts to their personal pH-value and tints them in an individual pink shade with a smokey finish. The Lip Glow is enriched with blackcurrant oil, which provides it with sensational colour and a unique look, and pampers the lips to make them feel supple and soft.

  • Can be applied solo or as a top coat
  • Prismatic and holographic effects
  • Medium coverage
  • Vegan

Shine on my parade. The entire spectrum of glossy lips is highlighted with the Prisma Lip Glaze. Applied solo or as a top coat on lipstick, this lip product with a gloss applicator sets intensive, prismatic and holographic effects. The formula with a medium coverage is available in eight different colours including iridescent pink, bright fuchsia and deep apricot. For striking looks!

  • Lip Pencil in different nude shades
  • Fast-drying texture with a velvety-matt finish
  • For contouring, priming and filling in the lips
  • Vegan

New Generation. Matt meets Nude. The result: multifunctional Lip Pencils with a fast-drying, smooth formula and a velvety-matt finish. The lips can be contoured, primed or completely covered in various skin tones. The pencil softly glides across the lips and intensifies the colour applied on top.

  • Lip Pencil with a smooth, matt texture
  • For contouring or filling in the lips
  • Fast-drying as well as smudge and waterproof

Colours Unlimited. The smooth, creamy texture glides on softly and is suitable for outlining and filling in the lips. With a fast-drying, smudge and waterproof formula as well as a velvety-matt finish, it’s an absolute must-have! All colour dreams are sure to come true with a choice ranging from rosewood to mauve to berry tones. Matt lips are an undeniable trend and can be created with all sorts of colours and formulas. The Velvet Matt Lip Pencil Colour & Contour is not only ideal for contouring the lips, it can also be used to achieve a fashionable all-over look with a matt finish.


the soft lipstick texture can be intensified with each application to allow subtle as well as bold looks. twelve colours with a gorgeous shine - including soft nude shades, bright pink or trendy blue - turn these lipsticks into the ideal daily companions. the colour-matched lipstick lid makes it easier than ever to reach for the colour you want!


these supple lipliners effortlessly glide over the lips to outline them. they are colour-coordinated with the ultra last instant colour lipsticks so now there's a matching lipliner to go with every shade. thanks to the highly pigmented texture, you can trace any shape and irregular outlines are a thing of the past! with an integrated sharpener.