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The matt trend also continues to play an important part on the nails this season! The Silk Matt Top Coat is joining the range of top coats to give any nail polish a silky-matt finish with a soft touch effect. The latest trend colour brown is a sight to behold on the nails: with the Brown Collection Nail Lacquer Range, the nails are painted in breathtaking brown nuances with or without a shimmer. The nail polishes in extraordinary shades offer a high-shine finish, are enriched with acai oil and are already eye-catching before they are applied thanks to the elegant rosé gold packaging.

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The best solution for nail polish mishaps. No matter what colour or dimension, the corrector pen with its precise contours removes even the smallest painting error. Super practical when things have to be done quickly. The pen comes with three replacement tips.

The vegan strong hardener nail treatment strengthens brittle and soft nails. Apply twice a week and the treatment transforms broken nails into noticeably ultra-strong nails with a high-gloss finish.

Glitter, shine and gloss are your thing? Then the ultra gloss coat is perfect for you. This top coat is simply applied on top of the finished manicure to give the look an extra portion of shine and instantly protects the colour nail polish underneath. For a long lasting wow effect.

  • Four different red tones
  • Warm, neutral and cool undertones
  • Long-lasting colour
  • Vegan

With this base, your nail polish is sure to remain beautiful on your nails for a long time. The effective anti split base coat gives your manicure the perfect base for your favourite nail polish. It prevents unattractive chipping of the nail polish so that you can enjoy your nails for a long time.

Good, well-kept, repair nail oil! With this oil, brittle nails are a thing of the past. The rich oil nourishes and protects the nails and cuticles intensively and makes them look healthy again in no time at all.

  • Shimmering colours
  • Light-reflecting with a glossy finish
  • High coverage
  • Vegan

Nail polish lovers take note! The active whitener base coat is the ideal basis for a manicure, protecting the nails from discoloration due to colour nail polish. It also visibly brightens the nails and protects them from discoloration, especially from colour or dark shades.

Every good manicure also includes caring for your cuticles. The cuticle remover eraser does this in seconds! After a short application time, the cuticle is softened and the integrated cuticle pusher simply removes excess skin. It could hardly be any quicker or easier.

A new CITY COLOR NAIL LACQUER line from Golden Rose, reflect colors of the city on your nails with its shiny, long lasting formula and rich color alternatives.

  • 99 percent natural ingredients
  • From three ingredients: water, Shellac and alcohol
  • Prevents discoloration and extends the durability of the nail polish

Two sides, two grain sizes – with its ergonomic design, the banana file ensures a perfect nail shape. The two levels of grain intensity are ideal for smoothly shortening and shaping natural and even artificial nails. After use, simply rinse the file so that it lasts for a long time and ensures lots of fun as well as perfectly groomed nails.

Dream nails in a new look and without any compromises! The formula with a gel-effect ensures optimal durability, intense colour and a fantastic shine on the nails. The polishes with a gel-shine finish come in many vibrant shades and allow everyone to achieve cool nail designs in the latest nail polish trends. A beautiful manicure can now also be created at home in a flash, as these new nail polishes dry even faster than the former the gel nail polish range, which is being replaced by the new shine last & go! nail polishes. 

The transparent base coat should be part of every manicure and pedicure routine. It significantly extends the durability of the nail polish, dries quickly and prevents discolorations on the fingernails.

Perfectly groomed nails in four easy steps: The different grain sizes of the nail file shorten, clean, smooth and polish the nails. Ideal for quick nail care – even on the go.

One coat nail lacquer, wich covers in the nail sone coat and creates ultra shiny nails with long lasting formula. It has wide brush wich provides one-stroke application, with its good drying time and shine effect formula.

For even more shine on the nails! The transparent top coat covers the nail polish like a protective shield, prevents the polish from chipping, dries quickly and ensures a mirror-like shine. A must-have in every manicure set.

Provides gel lacquer effect. Stays on and gives glow to 7 days. No need to use a UV lamp. Easy to apply, easy to clean. Use Apply two coats of colored nail polish and leave to dry for 2 minutes. Then apply one layer of upper nail polish and let it dry in natural light. Clean nail polish with nail polish cleaner without acetone.

Color Expert Nail Lacquer, ensures an easy application thanks to its extra wide brush and good covarage with shiny and long lasting texture.

Nail Lacquer in small 6 ml bottle with shiny, long lasting formula and many color alternatives.

  • Ultra-strong nail hardener
  • Forms a protective barrier and seals
  • 82% confirm the effect of harder nails

Rescuing Hero. A knight in shining armour for brittle, soft and thin nails! This ultra-strong nail hardener forms a protective barrier and seals the surface of the nails to make them more resilient.  82% of testers confirm the effect of harder nails. Apply the transparent formula with a glossy finish twice a week for an intensive treatment of the nails.  

A special top coat that provides an exclusive "Gel Look" effect on your nail lacquer. Gives volume, superior gloss and long lasting effect on the nail lacquer. Easy application with wide brush.

Nail whitener pencil is applied to inside tip of the nail for whitening. Ideal for French manicure. You can use wet or dry.

Prodigy Gel Colour creates a 'gel nail look' effect and gives perfect shine with plumping finish. It lasts up to 7 days and dries under natural light without UV lamp. Smooth application and easy removal with regular nail lacquer remover. It has 23 color alternatives.

How to use:

1. Apply two coats of Gel Colour and let dry during 2 minutes.

2. Apply one coat of Gel Top Coat and leave it to dry in natural light.