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The matt trend also continues to play an important part on the nails this season! The Silk Matt Top Coat is joining the range of top coats to give any nail polish a silky-matt finish with a soft touch effect. The latest trend colour brown is a sight to behold on the nails: with the Brown Collection Nail Lacquer Range, the nails are painted in breathtaking brown nuances with or without a shimmer. The nail polishes in extraordinary shades offer a high-shine finish, are enriched with acai oil and are already eye-catching before they are applied thanks to the elegant rosé gold packaging.

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sometimes, every second counts - with the express dry drops, your nail polish will dry in just 60 seconds! thanks to the pipette, you can apply this product drop by drop. and the best thing is: your nails and cuticles are pampered with vitamin e and almond oil for extra shine at the same time!

  • Lasts up to 7 days without a top coat
  • Perfect gel-shine finish
  • Enriched with acai oil
  • Vegan

Lasts up to 7 days – without a top coat! The innovative nail polish formula ensures a perfect gel-shine finish and maximum durability on the nails. Thanks to the GLOSS SEAL’RTM technology, the nail polishes have a spectacular high-shine finish. The shock-shield complex offers a perfect balance of elasticity and stability for optimal resistance against chipping and a long durability of up to 7 days.

  • Glossy finish
  • Anti-yellowing formula
  • Trendy gel look
  • Vegan

Over The Top! A smooth surface is the basis of all flawless Trend Nails. Used as base coat, the high-performance Power Gel 2in1 Base & Top Coat evens out any irregularities and acts as a protective shield for the nails. Used as a top coat, it extends the staying power of your favourite nail polish and gives it a glossy finish with a trendy gel-look. In addition, the anti-yellowing formula enhances the colour brilliance of any nail polish.

  • Fast-drying
  • Glossy finish
  • Anti-yellowing formula
  • Vegan

One, two, DRY! The Super Dry Gloss Top Coat not only makes your favourite nail polish or creative nail art styl dry in seconds, it also offers an intensive glossy finish and perfectly seals the nails. The anti-yellowing formula enhances the colour brilliance of any nail polish and makes it last longer. Now all manicures are smear and smudge-proof!

This is a unique and special nail color. Dazzling like a diamond and bright like a star. Creates attractive and glamorous nails.

Metallic Nail Color line contains highly metallic fine pigments and pearls that gives long wearing shine metallic finish colors. Nail Color Line has trendy metallic shades with intense color coverage.

Specifically formulated for maximum holographic rainbow effect on nails! This feature an improved formula and a really pretty fine hologram effect. Apply one or two coats on nails as needed.

ICE COLOR Nail Lacquer delivers rich, glossy, long-wearing color and shine. The flat brush ensures perfect coverage without smudging. 6 ml cute bottles are perfect for travel or handbag with many colour alternatives.

A new nail colour line from Golden Rose; shiny, long lasting formulation, chic package and rich colour alternatives complete your nail beauty.

Provides gel lacquer effect. Stays on and gives glow to 7 days. No need to use a UV lamp. Easy to apply, easy to clean. Use Apply two coats of colored nail polish and leave to dry for 2 minutes. Then apply one layer of upper nail polish and let it dry in natural light. Clean nail polish with nail polish cleaner without acetone.

Prodigy Gel Colour creates a 'gel nail look' effect and gives perfect shine with plumping finish. It lasts up to 7 days and dries under natural light without UV lamp. Smooth application and easy removal with regular nail lacquer remover. It has 23 color alternatives.

How to use:

1. Apply two coats of Gel Colour and let dry during 2 minutes.

2. Apply one coat of Gel Top Coat and leave it to dry in natural light.

Express dry nail lacquer, a new line from GOLDEN ROSE which dries in 60 seconds and creates perfect nail in short time. It is applied easily, it has shine and longlasting texture. 95 trendy colour alternatives complete your nail beauty in seconds.

Nail Lacquer in small 6 ml bottle with shiny, long lasting formula and many color alternatives.

Color Expert Nail Lacquer, ensures an easy application thanks to its extra wide brush and good covarage with shiny and long lasting texture.

One coat nail lacquer, wich covers in the nail sone coat and creates ultra shiny nails with long lasting formula. It has wide brush wich provides one-stroke application, with its good drying time and shine effect formula.

Matte Nail Lacquer line give unique matte look to your nails. It dries very quickly. If you want to apply two coats, please wait for the first coat to dry for a few seconds, just long enough to become matte. Due to unique matte fomulation nail lacquer is not as long wearing as regular nail lacquers.

A protective and glossy top coat that dries in 60 second and helps to resist chipping of nail lacquer. Contains UV filters shield manicure from fading and yellowing.Wait 1 minute after applying nail lacquer than apply.

Soft and smooth cuticles and nails thanks to Botanical ( Sunflower Seed, Grape Seed, Avocado, Sweet Almond, Olive) Oils & Vitamin E.

This intensive oil repairs nail and cuticles through a unique combination of moisturizing and nourishing Botanical Oils such as Sunflower Seed Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Avocado Oil, Olive Oil and with the power of Vitamin E. Its quickly absorbed, non-greasy dry oil based film protects the nail plates and restores the soft appearance of nail cuticles.

Harder, stronger nails with black diamond particules.

Double patented ingredients of micro diamond particles and hardening agent. Instantly reinforces thin, weak and fragile nails by building a hard protective and glossy shield. 

This quick drying hardener shield helps to prevent chipping, breaking and splitting of nails after 4 weeks of regular use.*

*Results of 4 weeks of use efficacy test.

Gently exfoliates to restore cuticles with mineral particules, nourishing and hydrating agents. 

This cuticle remover peeling gel gently exfoliates cuticles with mineral particules that massage away dry cuticles and give an even radiant look. Anti-oxidizing and nutrient-rich formula contains; Rose Stem Cells, Sweet Almond Oil, Vegetable Lipidic Complex and Keratin-like peptides for soothing and restoring well-cared appearance of cuticles and nails.

Silky smooth finish with mineral particles and advanced plant stem cell complex. 

This nail foundation contains  minerals to fill in nail ridges and hide imperfections is an instant. Advenced formula including patented ingredient with Anti-oxidizing and Hydrating Vitamins (E &C) and Stem Cell (Rose and Grape) complexes promote anti-oxidation and to help preventing premature ageing of nail keratin. It conceals the discoloration and yellowing of the nail and gives them a natural healthy finish look. Ensures smooth and long wear of the nail lacquer.

Long wear & perfect shine for nail lacquer.

- High performance top coat is developed to give a brilliant shine and significantly extend the duration and gloss of the manicure.

- It locks in brilliance and seals nail color under a hard protective shield, resistant to chipping and wear-out.

- It revives color and shine when applied between manicures and limits color fading and yellowing with UV filter.

- For naturel shiny nail make-up; you can apply directly on nails. 

Matte Top coat changes regular nail lacquer to matte finish nail lacquer. It can be applied with different styles on nail lacquer.

A special top coat that provides an exclusive "Gel Look" effect on your nail lacquer. Gives volume, superior gloss and long lasting effect on the nail lacquer. Easy application with wide brush.