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List of products by brand BiC

  • Fixed head
  • Top quality stainless steel single blade
  • Single blade for ease of cleaning
  • Specially designed blade geometry for a smooth and close shave adapted to sensitive skin
  • Grooved polystyrene handle, easy to handle and use
  • Great value
  • Product range also includes BIC® 1 for normal skin (white handle*)

Classic wax crayons.

Ideal for kids as the crayon is protected with a paper wrap.

  • Vivid colours
  • Product usable from all angles
  • Age 3+
  • Product compliant with European toy standard (EN71), tested annually by an independant lab
  • 12 colours
  • Fixed and narrow head to reach sensitive areas more easily
  • Top quality stainless steel twin blades
  • Extra large lubricating strip with vitamin complex: Aloe Vera, Vitamin A and E
  • Great smoothness and less irritation for a comfortable shave
  • Unique non-slip polystyrene handle for excellent grip and shaving control
  • Triple-blade shaver for a very close and smooth shave
  • Fixed head
  • Lubricating strip formulated with Aloe Vera and vitamin E for great smoothness and less irritation
  • Curved handle with soft rubber grip provides better control
  • 3 independent spring-mounted blades: distributes and absorbs the pressure of the blades for an ultra soft shave
  • Quick and easy to rinse
  • Large lubricating strip with aloe vera and vitamin E for a better glide, less irritation and a great smoothness
  • Extra thick rubber guard bar: better stretch of the skin for more precision
  • Pivoting head adjusts to body sensitive areas
  • Curved handle with grip provides a better handling for a comfortable shave
  • Fixed head
  • Triple-blade technology provides a very close and smooth shave
  • Twin lubricating strip with Aloe and Vitamin E for great smoothness and less irritation
  • Curved handle design with non-slip ridges provides an easy grip and better shaving control
  • Extraordinary design- four colors in one pen, which can be used each after another just in one click; 
  • Extra fast–2 seconds- drying ink.
  • Wide round orange barrel;
  • PVC free product;
  • 0.8mm tip gives line width of 0.30mm
  • Writing length–2-3 km.
  • 3 blades for a close and smooth shave
  • Lubricating strip with Vitamin E: great smoothness for a comfortable shave
  • Elegantly designed handle for a pleasant experience
  • Long curved handle: better handling for a comfortable shave
  •          High comfort ballpoint pen
  •          Cap
  •          Quality ink and smooth writing
  •          Nickel silver point for a consistent application of ink
  •          Medium point: 1.2mm, line width 0.4mm
  •          Soft cushion grip
  •          Clear barrel for visible ink supply
  •          Grip and cap color match ink color