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Specially formulated for sweat-inducing activities, this spray sets make-up in place for a long time - even without powder. So concealer and contours stay put and look flawless all day long. It also provides an optimal matt effect and an instant feeling of freshness on the face. 

  • Transparent spray
  • Light and fast-drying
  • Can be used as a primer or for setting make-up
  • Vegan

  • 3in1 : Primer, Fixing Spray & Refresher
    Used as a primer and afterwards as a fixing spray, it moisturizes your skin and preps it perfectly for make-up. As a primer and fixing spray, it extends the wear and radiance of your make-up and quickly refreshes it during the day.
  • Nourishing ingredients 
    The revitalizing spray rejuvenates your skin with luxurious nourishing ingredients such as witch hazel water, allantoin and panthenol.
  • Quickly absorbing micro water pearls
    Ultra fine water pearls are quickly absorbed by the skin and produces a fresh and revitalized complexion. Perfect for a quick freshen up!
  • Convenient pump dispenser
    Thanks to the pump dispenser, the spray coats the skin evenly in a very fine mist.
  • Skin compatibility dermatologically confirmed

the light, transparent spray – enriched with a natural complex of active ingredients – mattifies the skin, sets make-up in place and makes it last longer.