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The best solution for nail polish mishaps. No matter what colour or dimension, the corrector pen with its precise contours removes even the smallest painting error. Super practical when things have to be done quickly. The pen comes with three replacement tips.

  • Four different red tones
  • Warm, neutral and cool undertones
  • Long-lasting colour
  • Vegan
  • Shimmering colours
  • Light-reflecting with a glossy finish
  • High coverage
  • Vegan

A new CITY COLOR NAIL LACQUER line from Golden Rose, reflect colors of the city on your nails with its shiny, long lasting formula and rich color alternatives.

Dream nails in a new look and without any compromises! The formula with a gel-effect ensures optimal durability, intense colour and a fantastic shine on the nails. The polishes with a gel-shine finish come in many vibrant shades and allow everyone to achieve cool nail designs in the latest nail polish trends. A beautiful manicure can now also be created at home in a flash, as these new nail polishes dry even faster than the former the gel nail polish range, which is being replaced by the new shine last & go! nail polishes. 

One coat nail lacquer, wich covers in the nail sone coat and creates ultra shiny nails with long lasting formula. It has wide brush wich provides one-stroke application, with its good drying time and shine effect formula.

Color Expert Nail Lacquer, ensures an easy application thanks to its extra wide brush and good covarage with shiny and long lasting texture.

Nail Lacquer in small 6 ml bottle with shiny, long lasting formula and many color alternatives.

Prodigy Gel Colour creates a 'gel nail look' effect and gives perfect shine with plumping finish. It lasts up to 7 days and dries under natural light without UV lamp. Smooth application and easy removal with regular nail lacquer remover. It has 23 color alternatives.

How to use:

1. Apply two coats of Gel Colour and let dry during 2 minutes.

2. Apply one coat of Gel Top Coat and leave it to dry in natural light.

A new nail colour line from Golden Rose; shiny, long lasting formulation, chic package and rich colour alternatives complete your nail beauty.

  • High tech nail polish
  • Dries quickly.
  • Long-lasting.
  • High gloss finish. Vinyl gloss effect.
  • Vibrant colors with a high opacity.
  • Nourishing formula with amino peptides, vitamin A, C and E and panthenol.
  • Perfect Coat Brush for easy application.
  • Ergonomic cap. Fit securely into the hand.
  • Bottle with a patented two-fold sealing system. Protects your nail polish from drying out.
  • Spill-guard on the bottleneck to perfectly control the amount of product on your brush.
  • Clinically tested.
  • Shimmering, translucent nude shades
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Visibly brighten the nails
  • Vegan

The five softly shimmering nude shades of the nail polish ensure absolutely trendy nails. They are suitable for every skin type, visibly brighten the nails, are easy to apply and they're also vegan. The finish is sheer, so that the colour of the natural nail still shines through a little.

ICE COLOR Nail Lacquer delivers rich, glossy, long-wearing color and shine. The flat brush ensures perfect coverage without smudging. 6 ml cute bottles are perfect for travel or handbag with many colour alternatives.

Specifically formulated for maximum holographic rainbow effect on nails! This feature an improved formula and a really pretty fine hologram effect. Apply one or two coats on nails as needed.

Metallic Nail Color line contains highly metallic fine pigments and pearls that gives long wearing shine metallic finish colors. Nail Color Line has trendy metallic shades with intense color coverage.

This is a unique and special nail color. Dazzling like a diamond and bright like a star. Creates attractive and glamorous nails.

Perfect Nail Color line with different nude color options and long lasting formula deliver your nails both natural shine and glamour appearance.