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Milk drink for children from 1 year of age, supplemented with Pronutra + complex: Clinically tested galactol oligosaccharide and fructooligosaccharide compound (GOS / FOS - 1.2 g / 100 ml), iron and vitamins.

An infant formula for primary and follow-up anti-infectives (AR) for special medical purposes since birth, they are not breast-fed. Ingredients of sweet potato seed powder increase the density of the mixture, thus reducing its regeneration. The composition is complemented with long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids, nucleotides. Without gluten. Aptamil AR is intended for use only in the regulation of nutrition in the presence of frequent relaxation and remission. The mixture should be used under the supervision of healthcare professionals. Product from birth can be the only source of nutrition, and from 6 months. - as part of a mixed diet. Inappropriate for infants who are allergic. Not for parenteral use.

Aptamil HA2 contains partially hydrolysed proteins. The mixture is for use only in patients over 6 months of age. Infants after the end of feeding Aptamil HA1 as a major part of the gradual diversification of nutrition. Supplemented with clinically validated galactose and fructooligosaccharide compounds (VOC / FOS - 0.8 g / 100 ml), polyunsaturated fatty acids (LCP).

Mascara for extra volume, length, separation, curl.

Color: 01 - black

Size: 9ML

The ‘Super-Soft-Fibre’ brush feels very comfortable to use and moves smoothly through the lashes, giving great separation and has a very intense thickening effect on the lashes. Especially deep black pigments give incredible depth and coverage to the mascara. Rice bran wax nourishes the lashes with every use. 

Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. Fragrance-free. Skin compatibility dermatologically approved.

Eyebrow powder in practical magnetic pans.

The powder makes the eyebrows appear very natural and even. The three different colors can be mixed with one another in order to obtain the matching shade. It is ideal to shape eyebrows quickly and easily, completes your eye makeup and accentuates the facial contours.

The multifaceted palette of ARTDECO eyeshadows.
Art. No. 30.

Glamour Eyeshadow

Powder eyeshadow with glitter particles: Extremely fine glitter particles reflect the light and conjure an incomparable display of colors with shimmering effects on the eyelid. A special eye-catcher for every occasion. The eyeshadows in high color brilliance are supple and soft in application.

Colored lip gloss with reflective glitter particles - 5 ml.

The tiny glitter particles inside the Glamour Gloss reflect the light intensely, give a magnificent shimmer to the lips and let them appear fuller. The practical applicator enables even color coverage.

The multifaceted palette of ARTDECO eyeshadows.
Art. No. 30.

Eyeshadow Matt

Powder eyeshadows in matt, natural colors: Thanks to their new, particularly smooth and silky quality, the matt colors adhere perfectly to the eyelid and can be applied especially even. The brown shades are ideally suited for the accentuation of the eyebrows.

The Perfect Color Lipstick a nourishing lipstick with high pigmentation and a new, even better creamy texture. It's a Match: Ideal for usage with Magic Fix. Thanks to the supple Perfect Color Lipstick and its even color coverage such as its long durability, your lips will be covered in long lasting, kissproof colors. Fall in love with this silky skin feeling. Additionally Vitamin E protects against moisture loss. The metal sleeve protects the stick from melting when exposed to heat.

  • Fixed head
  • Top quality stainless steel single blade
  • Single blade for ease of cleaning
  • Specially designed blade geometry for a smooth and close shave adapted to sensitive skin
  • Grooved polystyrene handle, easy to handle and use
  • Great value
  • Product range also includes BIC® 1 for normal skin (white handle*)

The only fountain pen with a lateral refilling system.

Key Benefits:

  • Quick cartridge reloading system: with lateral body opening
  • Easy to open: just replace the refill and close
  • Medium stainless steel nib - line width 0.5mm
  • Rubber grip with finger positioning
  • Ideal for right- or left-handed writers
  • Available in classic colors or different designs
  •  Precise applicator, NO leaking
  •  Works on various surfaces: 
  2.  WOOD
  • Anti clogging cap;
  • Allways easy to open.

Thanks to its flexible 11 cm wand, the utility lighter Megalighter FLEX lets you easy lighting in all circonstances.

  • Goes anywhere (thanks to its 11 cm flexible long wand);
  • Comfortable (provided by a curved handled design);
  • Easy storage (with a retracktable hook).
  • Decorated with Lithuanian attributes - 100 years of independence
  • Child Guard design 
  • Child Resistant Feature 
  • Assorted pictures  
  • Comes with a tray (when buying at least 50 lighters)

Your lighter is a reflection of your personal style. So whether you're feeling sporty, colorful, astrological, revved up, fierce, sexy, or retro, there’s a BIC® Lighter for you. BIC Lighters are high quality and long lasting.

BiC megalighter is the perfect multi-purpose lighter for handy year-round use, inside and oustide the home.

  • Safe lightning (6 cm wand);
  • Easy and comdortable to light (due to its push button);
  • Visible gas level.
  •    Ventilated cap
  •    Brass medium or fine point, with tungsten carbide ball
  •    Ventilated cap
  •    Brass medium or fine point, with tungsten carbide ball
  •    Ventilated cap
  •    Brass medium or fine point, with tungsten carbide ball
  • Longlasting curl and expressive volume
  • Curved fibre brush
  • Deep black texture
  • False lash effect
  • Curved elastomer brush
  • Deep black texture
  • Vegan
  • For doll eyes with extra volume, length and density
  • Special elastomer brush
  • No weighing down the lashes
  • High and at the same time natural-looking coverage
  • Ultra-light, liquid texture
  • For a flawless complexion up to 24H
  • Vegan
  • For a radiant look
  • Soft baked texture
  • With ultra-fine, light-reflecting pigments
  • Vegan