Compatible Citizen printer ribbon black (3000098, IR61B)

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Suitable for use in:

Citizen 3541
Citizen 720
Citizen CBM600 Series
Citizen CBM700
Citizen CBM710
Citizen CBM720
Citizen CBM720 Series
Citizen CBM725
Citizen CBM730
Citizen CBM750
Citizen DP600
Citizen DP600 Series
Citizen DP606
Citizen DP610
Citizen DP610AC
Citizen DP610 Series
Citizen DP611
Citizen DP612
Citizen DP612G
Citizen DP614
Citizen DP617
Citizen DP617G
Citizen DP617P
Citizen DP620
Citizen DP620 Series
Citizen DP627
Citizen DP630
Citizen DP710
Citizen DP720
Citizen ECR5000
Citizen Friction Type
Citizen H750-02
Citizen H950
Citizen IDP3500 Series
Citizen IDP3504F
Citizen IDP3530
Citizen IDP3530B
Citizen IDP3530F
Citizen IDP3530P
Citizen IDP3530S
Citizen IDP3530 Series
Citizen IDP3535
Citizen IDP3540
Citizen IDP3540F
Citizen IDP3540P
Citizen IDP3540 Series
Citizen IDP3541
Citizen IDP3541F
Citizen IDP3545
Citizen IDP3545F
Citizen IDP3545P
Citizen IDP3545 Series
Citizen IDP3546F
Citizen IDP3550
Citizen IDP3550F
Citizen IDP3551
Citizen IDP3551F
Citizen IR61
Citizen IR61B
Citizen RP100
Citizen Sprocket Type
Olivetti ATS 6400
Olivetti ATS 6400 E
Olivetti ATS 6400 Series
Olivetti Cash Dispenser CP 6300
Olivetti CAT 6300
Olivetti CAT 6500
Olivetti CD 6300 Series
Olivetti Clipcart
Olivetti ECR 007
Olympia CM 1900 Series
Olympia CM 1920
Olympia CM 1930
Olympia CM 1935
Olympia CM 1936
Olympia CM 2000 Series
Olympia CM 2030
Olympia CM 2035
Olympia CM 2100 Series
Olympia CM 2130
Olympia CM 2135
Panasonic JS 660
Panasonic JS 7500
Sharp ER03RP
Sharp ER-A 430
Wincor-Nixdorf Beetle 20/1

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