Compatible Epson ERC09 Ribbon

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Suitable for use in:

Canon FP 10
Canon FPX 10
Epson 160
Epson 160 Series
Epson 161
Epson 163
Epson 164
Epson 180
Epson 181
Epson 182
Epson 183
Epson 185
Epson 190
Epson 190 Series
Epson 195
Epson EHT-10
Epson EHT-20
Epson ERC-07
Epson ERC-09
Epson ERC-80
Epson HX-20
Epson HX-40
Epson M160
Epson M161
Epson M163
Epson M164
Epson M180
Epson M182
Epson M183
Epson M185
Epson M190
Epson M191
Epson M192
Epson M195
Epson MP-130
Epson MP-150 K
Epson MX-160

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