Compatible new Brother TN-3170/ TN-3280 / TNP-24 / A32W021 Black, 7000 p.

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Suitable for use in:
Brother DCP-8060
Brother DCP-8065DN
Brother DCP-8070D
Brother DCP-8085DN
Brother HL-3145
Brother HL-5200
Brother HL-5240
Brother HL-5240L
Brother HL-5250DN
Brother HL-5250DNHY
Brother HL-5270DN
Brother HL-5270DN2LT
Brother HL-5280DW
Brother HL-5340
Brother HL-5340D
Brother HL-5340DL
Brother HL-5350
Brother HL-5350DN
Brother HL-5350DNLT
Brother HL-5370
Brother HL-5370DW
Brother HL-5380
Brother HL-5380DN
Brother MFC-8370DN
Brother MFC-8380DN
Brother MFC-8460N
Brother MFC-8670DN
Brother MFC-8860DN
Brother MFC-8870DW
Brother MFC-8880DN
Brother MFC-8890DW
Minolta Bizhub 20
Minolta Bizhub 20p
Brother DCP-8060DN
Brother DCP-8080DN
Brother DCP-8800 Series
Brother DCP-8880DN
Brother DCP-8890DW
Brother HL-5200 Series
Brother HL-5240 Series
Brother HL-5240DN
Brother HL-5240DNLT
Brother HL-5250 Series
Brother HL-5250DNLT
Brother HL-5270 Series
Brother HL-5270DNLT
Brother HL-5280DWLT
Brother HL-5300 Series
Brother HL-5340 Series
Brother HL-5340DN
Brother HL-5340DN2LT
Brother HL-5340DNLT
Brother HL-5340DW
Brother HL-5350 Series
Brother HL-5350DN2LT
Brother HL-5370 Series
Brother HL-5370W
Brother HL-5370DWT
Brother HL-5380DN Praxis
Brother HL-5380DW
Brother HL-5380DWLT
Brother HL-5380 Series
Brother HL-5380D
Brother HL-5380DNLT
Brother MFC-8380DLT
Brother MFC-8460DN
Brother MFC-8860N
Brother MFC-8885DN

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