Compatible Ricoh type 1230D (Type MP2000) Black, 260 g

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Suitable for use in:

Ricoh Aficio 2015
Ricoh Aficio 2016
Ricoh Aficio 2018
Ricoh Aficio 2020
Ricoh Aficio MP-1500
Ricoh MP-1500
Ricoh MP-1600
Ricoh MP-2000
Gestetner Docustation DSM610Series
Gestetner Docustation DSM615
Gestetner Docustation DSM618
Gestetner Docustation DSM618D
Gestetner Docustation MP1600L
Gestetner Docustation MP2000LN
Infotec IS 2015
Infotec IS 2018
Infotec IS 2018 D
Infotec IS 2216
Infotec IS 2220
Infotec IS 2220 D
Infotec IS 2315
Infotec IS 2316
Infotec IS 2316 GW
Infotec IS 2320
Infotec IS 2320 GW
Lanier D 310 Series
Lanier D 316
Lanier D 316 L
Lanier D 316 SPF
Lanier D 320 D
Lanier D 320 DL
Lanier D 320 DLN
Lanier D 320 Series
Lanier D 320 SPF
Lanier LD 115
Lanier LD 118
Lanier LD 118 D
Lanier LD 310 Series
Lanier LD 316
Lanier LD 316 L
Rex Rotary Docustation DSM 610 Series
Rex Rotary Docustation DSM 615
NRG Docustation DSM 616
Rex Rotary Docustation DSM 618
Rex Rotary Docustation DSM 618 D
Rex Rotary Docustation DSM 620
Rex Rotary Docustation DSM 620 D
NRG Docustation DSM 715
Rex Rotary Docustation MP 1600 L
Rex Rotary Docustation MP 2000 LN
NRG MP 1600 L
NRG MP 1600 Series
NRG MP 2000 L
NRG MP 2000 LN
Ricoh Aficio 2018d
Ricoh Aficio 2020d
Ricoh Aficio MP-1600
Ricoh Aficio MP-1600 Series
Ricoh Aficio MP-1600L
Ricoh Aficio MP-1600L 2
Ricoh Aficio MP-1600sp
Ricoh Aficio MP-1600spf
Ricoh Aficio MP-1900
Ricoh Aficio MP-2000
Ricoh Aficio MP-2000 Series
Ricoh Aficio MP-2000L
Ricoh Aficio MP-2000Ln
Ricoh Aficio MP-2000Ln 2
Ricoh Aficio MP-2000sp
Ricoh Aficio MP-2000spf

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