Converter Baseus HDMI – VGA (only video, without audio), black

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Baseus HDMI to VGA Adapter Male To Female Converter 1080P Digital to Analog Video Audio for PS3 TV Box Monitor Projector, for deliver only video, not suitable for audio

Audio interface + Micro USB female interface

Complete with Micro USB power port and 3.5mm audio output.

High-performance chip

Using low power consumption chip with powerful performance, clear conversion of images, saying no to ghost images and distortion.

Tin-plated copper conductor for more stable image quality Bigger tin-plated copper conductor to ensure distortionless and undelayed transmission.

ABS robust protection

High-quality ABS casing, wear-resistant, durable and high temperature resistant, longer service life.

Plug and play

Supportive of mainstream operating systems available on the market including Windows 7/8/10, etc., usable once plugged in.


  • Name : Baseus HD to VGA HD Converter
  • Material: ABS
  • Colour: Black
  • Input: HD 480P,576P,720P,1080P
  • Output: VGA 480P,576P,720P,1080P(Max)
  • Supported system : Windows 7/8/10 and other mainstream operating systems on the market
  • Supported device : Standard HD output devices
  • Working current (whole device): 200mA or so
  • Working voltage : 5V


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