Magnetic Cable Baseus Zinc USB For Type-C 3A 1m Black

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Baseus Zinc magnetic cable USB – USB C 1m 3A

Thanks to one magnetic USB cable designed by BASEUS, you can support three different interfaces!

Charge your phone comfortably by driving a car, send data while working on your computer. Perform several tasks while maintaining a constant speed of 480Mbps, without having to constantly connect and disconnect phone.


  • Material: Zinc alloy + braided high density wire
  • Data transfer speed: 480 Mbps (Max)
  • Lenght: 1M
  • Maximum current: 3A
  • Compability: devices with USB C connector

Forget cables that you need connect and disconnect

Baseus Zinc Magnetic USB Cable for USB Typ C is a modern and convenient alternative to classic cables inserted to interface. This model is attached with help of magnets, whitch with optimal strentgh attract each other, guaeanteeing a stable connection wihout interface. Connect the plug to the smarthone, and connect to the cable you get after bringing to two elements together. Quick right?

Phone protection

Wondering how this USB cable protects your smarthone? It’s easy. The correct plug can be placed in it permanently, and it will protect entrance from dirt, mainly dust.

Innovative technologies

Elements covered with 24-carat gold and int not get dirty or oxidize. In addition, the new, improved core of the device is protected against overheating, ready for continuous operation. Small glow allows you to quickly locate the device working in the dark, but does not disturb sleep or rest. 


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