Compatible new Samsung ML-1910 / MLT-D1052L (SU758A) Black, 2500 p.

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Suitable for use in:

Samsung ML-1910
Samsung SCX-4623F
Hewlett-Packard SF-650
Samsung ML-1911
Samsung ML-1915
Samsung ML-1915dSP
Samsung ML-2525
Samsung ML-2525W
Samsung ML-2526
Samsung ML-2540R
Samsung ML-2545
Samsung ML-2581N
Samsung ML-2581ND
Samsung SCX-4600FN
Samsung SCX-4623FN
Samsung SCX-4623FW
Samsung SF-650P
Samsung ML-1900 Series
Samsung ML-1915 Series
Samsung ML-2525 Series
Samsung ML-2540
Samsung ML-2580N
Samsung SCX-4623 Series
Samsung SF-650 Series

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