Kabrita 2 follow-on goat milk 800 g

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Kabrita 2 Follow-on milk is made from high-quality goat’s milk. It contains vitamins, minerals and carefully selected ingredients such as goat whey protein, omega-3 fatty acids DHA and prebiotic fiber GOS.

  • DigestX- a fat complex with beta palmitate, similar in fat to breast milk, which reduces the risk of constipation, improves energy metabolism and calcium absorption.
  • Prebiotics and probiotics help improve digestion and strengthen immunity.
  • DHA (ω-3) and ARA-6 (ω-6) – for proper brain and vision development.
  • Nucleotides – to strengthen immunity.

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Lean goat’s milk, lactose, vegetable oils (coconut oil, low erucic acid rapeseed oil, sunflower oil), DigestX(1,3-dioleol-2-palmitoyl-triglyceride), goat’s milk whey protein concentrate, galactooligosaccharides, fructooligosaccharides, vitamin and mineral premix, fish oil (DHR source), choline bitartrate, arachidonic acid, L ‒ phenylalanine, L-phenylalanine, nucleotides, L ‒ carnitine, bifidobacteria (Bifidobacterium BB-12 *). Without crystalline sugar. * BB-12 – registered with Chr. Hansen brand.

Important notice

Breastfeeding is the most suitable food for your baby. For the health of your baby, it is important to carefully follow the preparation instructions on the tin. Kabrita Follow-on Milk (6-12 months) should not be used in the first 6 months as a substitute for breastfeeding. Kabrita Follow-on Milk is suitable from the age of 6 months and is part of a varied diet. In consultation with your doctor or clinic, put together a healthy diet for your baby.

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