Kendamil 1 Premium Infant Milk 800 g

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Kendamil Classic is Kendamil’s most popular go-to infant cow’s milk formula for babies aged up through six months of age. Kendamil Classic Stage 1 can be used alongside breastfeeding, or as a complete meal substitute for your infant. Kendamil classic baby formula also comes in Kendamil Classic Stage 2, and Kendamil Classic Stage 3 – ready to provide support for your baby’s diet as they mature and grow stronger.

This formula is manufactured in the UNESCO world heritage UK Lake District, on family run and locally managed cow pastures. This Kendamil First Infant Milk can be fed to babies from birth. With this formula, Kendamil tries to closely replicate the whey:casein ratio of natural breast milk, and stage 1 specifically constitutes an easy to digest 60:40 whey/casein blend.

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As its source of DHA (thought to help healthy brain and eye development), this stage 1 Kendamil classic baby formula excludes any fish oils – making it a 100% vegetarian baby formula. Instead, Kendamil sources its plant based DHA from marine algae which makes this formula suitable for vegetarians. Kendamil Classic Stage 1 is made from 100% full cream cows milk and is a natural source of milk fat globule membrane (MFGM). Kendamil Classic Stage 1 also includes galacto-oligosaccharides from milk (3-GL’s).

This lactose based infant formula also excludes palm oil, and contains no sugar, no corn syrup, no maltodextrin, no soy, no starch, no wheat, no nuts, no synthetic additives, no preservatives, and no GMO’s. Instead, in this whole milk lactose based formula you will only find the most health conscious ALA, AA, DHA, AA, Omega-3, Omega-6 – without any cheap additives or formula fillers. This formula is rich in essential vitamins C, A, D as well as all important nutrients as defined by incredibly high European food standards for baby formula. Kendamil formulas are also 100% certified Kosher. Kendamil Classic Stage 1 Infant Formula also includes prebiotics (GOS) which help jump start your baby’s healthy stomach bacteria and boost immunity.

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