Konica-Minolta Toner TN-114 Black (8937784) 22k (106B8937-722) 2pcs

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Suitable for use in:

Develop D 1531 ID
Develop D 1536iD
Develop D 1650iD
Develop D 1831 ID
Develop D 1836iD
Develop D 2050iD
Develop INEO 161
Develop INEO 162
Develop INEO 163
Develop INEO 210
Develop INEO 213
Minolta Bizhub 162
Minolta Bizhub 162F
Minolta Bizhub 162R
Minolta Bizhub 162Rf
Minolta Bizhub 163
Minolta Bizhub 163F
Minolta Bizhub 210
Minolta Bizhub 211
Konica DI152
Konica DI152F
Konica DI1611
Konica DI1611F
Konica DI1811
Konica DI183
Konica DI183F
Konica DI2011
Konica DI2011F
Konica Dialta 152
Konica Dialta 152F
Konica Dialta 1611
Konica Dialta 1611F
Konica Dialta 1811
Konica Dialta 183
Konica Dialta 183F
Konica Dialta 2011
Konica Dialta 2011F

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