Sharp MX61GTBA Black 40k

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Suitable for use in:

Sharp MX-3050N
Sharp MX-3060N
Sharp MX-3070N
Sharp MX-3550N
Sharp MX-3560N
Sharp MX-3570N
Sharp MX-4050N
Sharp MX-4060N
Sharp MX-4070N
Sharp MX-2630N
Sharp MX-2651
Sharp MX-3050V
Sharp MX-3051
Sharp MX-3060V
Sharp MX-3061
Sharp MX-3070V
Sharp MX-3071
Sharp MX-3550V
Sharp MX-3551
Sharp MX-3560V
Sharp MX-3561
Sharp MX-3570V
Sharp MX-3571
Sharp MX-4050V
Sharp MX-4051
Sharp MX-4060V
Sharp MX-4061
Sharp MX-4070V
Sharp MX-4071
Sharp MX-5050N
Sharp MX-5050V
Sharp MX-5051
Sharp MX-5070N
Sharp MX-5070V
Sharp MX-5071
Sharp MX-6050N
Sharp MX-6050V
Sharp MX-6051
Sharp MX-6070N
Sharp MX-6070V
Sharp MX-6071

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